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87500 Le Chalard, France (Limousin department)
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St jean de cole
St Jean de Côle
One of the prettiest villages in France.There is a privately owned Chateau near its centre surrounded by fine, historic buildings. Stroll along the river with its mill and fine stone bridge.Also worth looking at are the quaint back streets.Located near the centre is a friendly popular cafe which offers a wide range of local food and wine.
brantome Brantôme
Brantome is on the river Dronne west of Thiviers.The buildings in and around Brantôme are very interesting, with walks along the river through the town. A selection good places to eat and shops to browse around.
Limoges is a mix of two neighbouring towns,that grew separately over the centuries, after the sacking of augustoritum in the Barbarian invasions,and were not united until the French Revolution. It is one of the main towns in the region, where enamels have been produced since the 12th century. Limoges is an architectural melting-pot ranging from the Jesuit severity of the XVIIc Gay-Lussac Chapel's main door,to the art deco of the Pavillion du Verdurier. The centre is mediaeval and it is worth walking around looking up more than down. It has an excellent undercover food market and shopping facilities. Many of the local restaurants are family run and offer varied inexpensive menus .
An extremely interesting city with architectural features dating from the16th and 17th Century. Périgueux has many public squares where you can relax and watch the world pass by, also close by are many cafe's and bistro's offering excellent cuisine. Located in front of the church each Wednesday morning the city plays host to a magnificent market selling local produce. A visit to the church will reveal what has to be one of the largest and most ornate altar's carved from wood.
Oradour sur Glane
This village is north west of Limoges and is a very sober reminder of the Second World War. It has been left exactly as it was after being destroyed by the German occupying army. Although this is a very poignant place it is worth visiting by both the young and old alike
St yrieix la perche St Yrieix la Perche
10 minutes drive from Les Vigeres, this is the nearest local town where you will find shops for all your needs,from the large supermarkets to the small family run shop. The town has some fine restaurants all of which have very good menus.There is also a fortnightly street market.
Jumilhac le Grand
jumilhac le grand The Chateau is at the heart of Jumilhac,and is sited on a rocky spur overlooking the river Isle.Records go back to 480AD when it was the seat of the diocese and seigniory,constantly reinforced throughout the ages.The original little fort is now part of the outer lines of defence used to protect the Vicomte of Limoges in the French/English wars in 1152.
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